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The Old Sewing Machine Man services, repairs, reconditions, restores (to the extent possible), sells, and collects old and antique sewing machines. His speciality is the Singer Featherweight machines (model 221). He carries a full line of parts for them as well (see catalog). He also has and can get many, many parts for other old, and antique Singer machines, as well as all other brands of sewing machines. He does not work on computerized sewing machines, or sergers. He specializes in old sewing machines for sale, old sewing machine parts and old sewing machine repairs. He's located in Central Florida between Gainesville and Ocala. See map.
Please do not send any funny attachments, funny face attachments, or any other third party attachments. I received an email with one of these attachments and it cost me a $500.00 rebuild on my computer and I lost all my email after 07/30/14, so if you emailed me after that date and I have not responded email me again. Johnny.

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